Thursday, January 2, 2014


I was surprised that this year had 914 running miles. I'd thought it would be less. I am thankful for each step.

During the times I couldn't or didn't run in 2013, almost 400 recorded miles of hiking, walking, and snowshoeing occurred. This has been one of the best years of hiking, ever. Quality, quantity, consistency, and some variety -- but not so much that Tim and I didn't hike every named peak in Acadia!

I would like to be an ultrarunner again one day.

My only resolution is to find my damn GPS which has been missing for a week!


  1. wait, wasn't there a longer version of this. I think there were some interesting statements that I wanted to think over then comment on. did I just dream your post?

  2. You are correct, there was. My favorite authors tend to say so much with few words - I find it extremely challenging to inch toward this skill but hopefully if I practice enough, someday, this-all will be a more palatable read. I do often post rough drafts, which get edits within a day or two, if I happen to have time to re-read them. It's also a real-time struggle of trying to figure out how much I want to say. The answer to this changes almost minute to minute...!

  3. Here's the old one.
    Okay, here's this...

    In early 2011, Colin encouraged me to sign up for my first Bradbury race, the Breaker, in August. 9 miles was long and I wouldn't have had the gonads to do it without some peer pressure. I had no idea about the course's reputation but I'd run at Bradbury before. I was used to hiking in the Whites! The distance was the main thing on my mind.

    A month later, I did my longest run yet at the Bruiser. I loved the race, and all the people were so chill. It was my birthday and I'd had a gig the night before, and a gig the night after. Pretty much a perfect weekend. Sadly Colin had had to miss both of these races even though he'd signed up, but his influence shall not be forgotten.

    On December 24 of 2011, the entry from my running log reads: 13.2 miles. Longest run yet!

    I ran 476 miles in 2011.

    2012 was my first year of experiencing some ultra distances. I got a great taste of what it's like to really advance in mileage. I dabbled in back-to-back long runs. The IRS (Insomniac Running Society) was born, and Scout and I met at 9pm almost weekly for a while, starting in January, which was just an awesome and epic adventure, every time. I went to Wyoming and climbed Grand Teton, which was one of the best experiences of my life. And more importantly than any of that, I got to know some really badass and wonderful people, all through trail running.

    In 2012, I ran about 1,111 miles.

    It's hard to know what-all to say about 2013 at this point.
    Some 2013 facts:
    I ran about 914 miles.
    Plus, I hiked/snowshoed/walked almost 400 miles.

    I didn't count hike/walk/snowshoe miles when I did 2012 totals - 1,111 was such a grand number after all, who could ask for more?

    But there are two more reasons why I felt like counting up all the non-running miles in 2013, this year.

    One, sometimes my fucked-up spine & its related nerve conundrum all but demanded that I not run, so not-running had to suffice. And two, it has been a totally spectacular year of hiking. It seems right to count it up. (As if reducing it to numbers should be legal! Maybe this entry should get deleted...) Many times, I chose to hike instead of to do a long run on an otherwise-long-runnable-day.

    Tim and I hiked every named peak in Acadia National Park. Each was special in different ways - sunrises, sunsets, blueberries, lichens, newly-imagined words, alluring rock formations, and great conversations abounded. We winter-camped on the AT and saw the sun come up from the top of West Baldpate. We lost ourselves in the Camden Hills well after sunset. When Tim went off to ski in Japan, I went up to the northern side of Baxter State Park with a group of friends. When it stopped snowing, which was rare, we looked south across the ponds to a distant, majestic Katahdin. We reveled in the wintry bliss, xc skiing and snowshoe-hiking up as much as we could.

    I am sorry that I didn't do any ultra distances this year. I did a couple back-to-back long runs as I was able but that was rare. I think my longest was at Val's Fatass, a 25 miler in the snow in which I eventually toted around PBR so as to keep Jedi properly hydrated in the later laps. :-)

    I was surprised that this year had 914 running miles. I'd thought it would be less. I am thankful for each step.

    I would like to be an ultrarunner again one day.

  4. I loved all your numbers, newly-imagined words, musings...sometimes more words are better :) And, silly girl, you are an ultra runner.


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