Monday, March 23, 2015

February 28, 2015 - Acadia - Pemetic wanderings with T and I and I's trusty henchfolk

It took us a while to find this blaze. There was a ridiculous amount of snow and trail finding was very difficult at times. Be forewarned. Also, I fell in a hole. Interesting predicament. I don't really recommend it. Still and completely awesome hike!

February 14, 2015 Acadia - South Bubble and Pemetic

Temps went as low as -14 degrees F on the drive up, but once we got moving, no one even noticed the cold...

A snowy owl looked me in the eye and took off silently as the snow began to fall on Pemetic.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I miss the mountains so much.  Can't think of much else today, it seems.

Friday, January 30, 2015


I just stumbled across this poem by Ken Mikolowski and it immediately reminded me of the Beautiful Loop.

Little or Nothing

there are these trees.
and beyond these trees,
trees. and beyond that
little or nothing. little
fields and nothing but sky.

Ken Mikolowski, "Little or Nothing" from Big Enigmas. Copyright © 1991 by Ken Mikolowski. Reprinted by permission of Ken Mikolowski.

I've been absorbing a lot of his Big Enigmas collection via the music of Carlberg and the voice of Christine Correa. Yah, big surprise there, loyal readers will know that these two are a vast layer of the bedrock of my musical journey.

I love the the one that goes something like:

"we have always lived our lives / with a certain abandon / she said as she packed her bags / i am certain you will understand"...

But I hadn't seen Little or Nothing before. It's so bare bones, there's hardly anything to it at all -- and yet I experienced it an unmistakable cue for a place with a uniquely simple beauty.

Was at the g-y-m this morning and when I finished my stuff, Rosalea was still on the treadmill. I hopped on the one next to her to putz about for a few minutes while she was finishing a workout. We were chuckling at how you can select a scene to watch on the screen as you run. One was "nature trail". I didn't look at it... But anyway, Rosalea said something about how she's head of some marathoners using treadmill running to train their minds to tolerate boredom.

Everything about that scenario seems like desolation.

Great snowshoe run late last night in drifts deep enough to inspire contact laughter. Scout charged into them, not only without hesitation, but without snowshoes. At first we were just flomping through powder but then we connected with snowmo'ed areas and we basically were able to run.

I actually had a difficult time getting my heart rate up as soon as we were out of the drifts(?!). I was using mountaineering type snowshoes and their design does not exactly lend itself to rapid movement. I had to focus on turnover to make progress. Scout, in case you were wondering, outran me with inhuman lightness and apparent relative ease. Except for a couple really deep spots when she was suddenly up to at least her hip.

A very satisfactory moon and ring and stars were present but we had a lot of nature to manage. Piper was silky and wonderful and did not kill or injure herself or us. I survived class which involved rescuing some troubled mannequins. Checking a doll for responsiveness never gets old...

Also spent a lot of time trying to quell Raquel's rage when she didn't get the quiz grade she wanted. I like her and and grateful for proper company in a sea of anecdote-prone firefighting groupies. Note: yes, firefighters do amazing work, I just want the ones in my class to stop talking forever.

U on the AVPU. My poor patient...